Homeless caveman squats in area sunroom

You can’t really call a room with coordinated throw pillows a man cave. It’s the closest thing I’ve got though.

My house is too small and my family is too big. I have only three children, but my boys have a way of building themselves in to a horde. They are everywhere, and even when you can’t see them, you can still hear them.

I lived many years in our home without feeling the need for my own special space. In the past year, things have changed. First, the living room TV has been taken over by video games. I have two kids addicted to PlayStation and one kid who is happiest when his brothers are playing it. Intently preoccupied boys have not one second to waste vexing a younger brother.

Second, I recently discovered I can read again, after a 10 year hiatus, if I hide myself well enough. Being better equipped to distract themselves now, these bloodhounds don’t hunt me down as constantly as they used to. I might be able to slip away for 20 minutes of solitude.

I need a sanctuary.

The bedroom doesn’t make for a good man cave, and it’s the first place they look. The basement is too cool and humid, and occasionally it floods. I’m not trying to spelunk in my cave. I just want to watch sports and read.

Over the summer, I discovered I could slip away to the Three Seasons Room to catch moments of peace. I even read an entire book out there, over three seasons. These stolen moments were a delight, but I can’t say I established a man cave.

Color coordinated pillows. Humbug! I can hardly bring myself to nap on them.

There are many flaws.

  • The name, Three Seasons Room, is pretty generous. It’s more of a Two Seasons and Spare Change Room. Maybe round it up to 2.5 seasons. November through March are cold, barring a very mild day with hours of sunshine.
  • The room is right off the kitchen, so if any kid needs help getting an emergency cup of juice, I’m the first responder.
  • It was furnished by the lady of the house, which means it’s tasteful, and worst of all, inviting. It has matching stuff, no neon, nor any of the other assorted, tacky paraphernalia that tells people to zip it when the game is on.

    Breakfast nook with table centerpiece. I expect this to become a man cave essential any day now.

  • I made the mistake of putting a Roku TV in there. It’s kind of a poor man’s smart TV. It’s a TV with an average IQ that seems genius compared to the dim-witted TVs I’ve always had. Now, anybody can watch Netflix movies at the push of a button. Maybe I don’t know enough about man caves, but I don’t think they’re meant for men to watch Smurfs with their families on football Sundays.

My 2.5 Seasons Room is not much of a man cave, but it’s a baby step forward. I’m not greedy; I don’t need a whole cave. I can live in a man cubby for a while.


15 comments on “Homeless caveman squats in area sunroom

  1. thegsandwich says:

    The fact that you can even consider a man cave is progress with three kids.

  2. Just Joan says:

    I love the tartan sofa and matching pillows! Breakfast nook? BONUS!! More of a She-Shed than a Man-Cave, but like you said, you gotta start someplace. “If any kid needs help getting an emergency cup of juice, I’m the first responder” LOL, it’s sentences like this one that keep me coming back for more. I couldn’t get Kindle App to download to either of my stone-age devices… I was able to read the first few pages on Amazon (the LOOK INSIDE feature) and may have to purchase an actual paper copy of your book to find out how The Temp makes out. Cheaper than upgrading my phone. 🙂

    • I put in the good lines just for you. All the filler in between is for the others. I’ve found the Kindle App to be very useful for things like waiting rooms, etc. I don’t have a cell phone but I use my iPad for all that fun stuff. But I still do love paper copies for my stolen moments in my man cubby.

  3. Gibber says:

    Maybe you need one of those sheds made into an extra space out in the yard. Surround it with things that suggest chores to your boys and you’re all set.

  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Gee, Scott, you’re getting there. Although …. when these boys are out and gone when they come of age, the silence I BET you will not know what to do with. What a dilemma! Good to know you have a man-cave with coordinated throw pillows. Yeah, wife! 😘

  5. Homeless caveman squats in area sunroom — Snoozing on the Sofa – SEO says:

    […] via Homeless caveman squats in area sunroom — Snoozing on the Sofa […]

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