Cross-pollination begins in the home

I’m not a great self-promoter.

If you visit here regularly, you probably know this. If you’ve never been here before, see above.

I bet most people who stop here don’t even know I have another blog. Yeah, it’s mentioned in the sidebar, but sidebars are the last refuge of people who are not great self-promoters.

To take it to center stage for a minute, I have another blog: On that blog, I write about . . . well . . . writing. I know it sounds like a real hoot, but give it a chance. I mean, some people make good livings marketing online videos of themselves playing video games. It has to be better than that. Right?

Good bloggers with multiple blogs cross-pollinate their readership. I’ve never been disciplined about that, which goes a long way toward explaining my opening sentence. I’m giving it a try. Let’s see how it goes.

One of my favorite things to do over at that other place is to post flash fiction. (Read more flash fiction from In the spirit of cross-pollination, I will blatantly plagiarize a short-short from my other blog below. I hope I don’t get sued. I’m definitely suing.

What’s in Your Wallet?

I asked the nurse to hand me my wallet. She fumbled it a little and a condom fell out. She kept a straight face, discretely picking it up and setting in on my blanket. Then she left the room, not wanting to burst out laughing in front of me.

Rocky, my roommate, grinned at me from his bed. He was 50 years older than me, with his scraggly beard and glassy eyes.

“Sorry about that,” I said.

Rocky chuckled. “I understand. I was a young buck once. You a college boy?”


“I never went to college, but I did have my fun.” He nodded at an inevitable transition. “Then I got married. Margie and me was married 40 years, and I liked that a whole hell of lot better than carrying one of them things in my wallet.” He gestured toward the condom I struggled to stuff back into its home.

“40 years? That’s awesome!” It seemed like the right thing to say.

“It was.” He sighed. “Except for the last few. She got Alzheimer’s. I carried her license in my wallet ‘cause she’d lose it otherwise. She’d lose anything you gave her.” He shook his head. “Then she’d snip at me about it. Finally I said, ‘Margie if this next 40 years don’t go no better, I’m calling it quits.’ That was the last joke I told her.” He frowned. “Not a very good joke.”

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“She passed almost two years ago.”

I didn’t want to say sorry again. “Do you still keep her license in your wallet?”

“No. I couldn’t look at it every time. It only reminded me of the past. But I guess she told the last joke. After all that time wedged in that little sleeve, it left a faint impression of her picture on the plastic, like a ghost staring up at me.”

“Did you get a new wallet?”

“Oh no. I don’t mind the ghost. It doesn’t give me bad memories; it says she’s still with me. And being how I already invested 40 years, I guess I’ll keep her.” He turned his wet eyes toward the window and spoke at the sky. “Yup, I guess I’ll keep her.”


17 comments on “Cross-pollination begins in the home

  1. Just Joan says:

    A second blog? Are you serious? I can hardly summon the motivation to keep up with one! Writing about writing? That’s like me writing a poem about how I write poems. DOO-DOO-doo-doo, DOO-DOO-doo-doo, I’m in the Twilight Zone! Part of the “people not clicking the sidebar” problem could be due to WP itself. I follow you, so your stuff pops up in my Reader, where I can peruse it without actually going to your blog page, so I’ve never seen your site (or your sidebar.) There’s a better than even chance you’ve never seen mine either. That said, I kick myself for spending so much time agonizing over the theme and font and stuff. Thank you for cross-pollinating and providing a link, I plan to follow the other blog as well. I loved your FF story above. The line that stayed with me was the old man’s joke, “If the next 40 years don’t go no better, I’m calling it quits.” LOL. Have you ever read Robert Fulghum? He was popular back in the 90’s. My favorite of his books, called Maybe, Maybe not, contains a “what’s in your wallet” story, it’s a hoot. So old now, it might be available for free on the internet. Happy thanksgiving, Scott! 🙂

    • Yes, a second blog can be difficult to maintain, and so can a first one. I’ve been slacking on both lately because I’ve been in a pretty good grove on novel writing. On balance, this is a good thing, but the world only sees the slacking part. I remember Robert Fulghum, but I don’t recall much of his essays because it’s been years, and I have a natural talent for forgetting 98% of what I read. Thanks for reading all my various nonsenses and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Your flash fiction was beautiful. I did not know about your other blog, but I will check it out.

  3. thegsandwich says:

    I had no idea you were so versatile. Had no idea you had the second blog either. A bit like adding a second child to the mix, don’t you think?

  4. markbialczak says:

    Now this is a great promo, Scott. I think this flash fiction is fantastic.

  5. Gibber says:

    I did not know you had another blog. Wow you must be busy. Loved the story I just ready. I hope that you don’t sue but maybe you really should.

  6. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Excellent write, Scott. Loved this promo. The sentimentality in this story got to me. Yup. Sure did.

  7. Jan Whitaker says:

    I love it. BTW, I have visited your other blog and I like your writing!

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