Two good reasons why your pizza can’t be pepperoni

Buster (1st grade graduate) and Big Man (preschool graduate) were playing a video game together. From what I overheard, the game allows players to create and name their own pizzas to sell to the customers in the game. Big Man was designing the pizzas and Buster was helping him type the names of them into the iPad.

The first pizza was not at all controversial. Big Man decided to name it “Ham” and Buster typed the name. Everybody is happy, presumably even the virtual customers.

The second pizza was more problematic. Here’s what I overheard about this troublesome pie:

BUSTER: Okay, what do you want to name this pizza?

BIG MAN: Pepperoni.

BUSTER: You can’t name it pepperoni.

BIG MAN: Why not?

BUSTER: Two reasons.

BIG MAN: What?

BUSTER: First of all, it’s not pepperoni. And second of all, I don’t know how to spell pepperoni.

Sorry. Wrong pizza. We’ll just take that one back to the kitchen.

I think they ended up naming it “Apples”. I don’t know if it had apples on it, but Buster, after some mental strain, reached deep back into first grade and remembered he knew how to spell that.


13 comments on “Two good reasons why your pizza can’t be pepperoni

  1. floatinggold says:

    The fact that he can admit what he doesn’t know is a great indicator. Plenty of people would spell the word however they saw fit, knowing that the other person will not know the difference.
    Also, him laying out the reasons like that makes him sound so smart and composed.

    • Who knows? Maybe pepperoni will show up on a 2nd grade spelling test. Then we’ll all be able to put it on our virtual pizza. Or else maybe we’ll just get it on the “meat lover’s pizza”. He could probably spell that if he took his time and sounded it out.

  2. GoofyEd says:

    Marketing 101…do not spell an advertisement wrong. The misspelling will be remembered longer than the business name. Bravo Buster!

  3. Gibber says:

    Well now for some reason I can’t explain I’m hungry for pepperoni pizza. And I can spell it.

  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    When I saw that pizza, my mouth watered. So of course I have to get up to have my breakfast. Good thing your young man knows he is in for more learning in order to spell pepperoni. I even had to think a moment that I knew how to spell it correctly. (smile)

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