If you have any housework that requires throwing stuff, I’m your man

A while ago, I wrote about how our older son likes to “help” me with my chores around the house. More recently, I posted about our younger son’s love of throwing things. Today, I can happily report that the little boy has adopted his brother’s penchant for helping. He has melded it beautifully with his hunger to throw stuff.

Whenever we take a load of laundry out of the dryer, we take the basket upstairs and dump it out on our bed for sorting. This is perfect for the little boy, because not only does he love to throw things and be helpful, he also loves to be on our bed. Once established on our bed, he swings into action in his desire to serve his parents.

Goals are important to this little helper, regardless of how far afield his goals stray from ours in completing the task at hand. His goal in helping us with the laundry is to throw it all on the floor as quickly as possible, and thus help us make our bed look neat and tidy again.

Winding up

A strong wind-up is important to a good throw.


The fundamentals of the follow-through are important too.

running start

Sometimes, a running start can help improve velocity.

checking his handiwork

There are still a couple of open spots on the floor.

Heart and soul throw

You’ve got to dig deep and pour all your heart and soul into it.

The level of industry he displays in helping us cast our clean laundry to the floor is admirable. The bed looks fresh and new in no time. That would be enough for most children, but our boy goes above and beyond. Everybody knows that pillows are an unnecessary eyesore that all parents wish removed from their beds, if only they could find someone who could complete the job cheaply and efficiently.

pillow time

Okay, laundry’s done. Now let’s dig these pillows out of here.

flood of pillows

You could drown in all these pillows – definitely unsafe.

the core of the pillow mess

Found the root of the pillow problem.

Well, while you struggle with the unsightly mound of pillows blemishing the aesthetics of your bed, my boy takes all these daunting worries out of his parents’ way. It is quite a heavy weight off of our shoulders to know that we will not need to call in a professional to do this work for us. Who says kids won’t make your life any easier?

so long, nasty pillows

Sometimes a hearty shove is as good as a toss.


11 comments on “If you have any housework that requires throwing stuff, I’m your man

  1. What a considerate little man. And he’s handsome too, so that helps.

  2. ksujulie says:

    Ha, love the eyes peaking above the pillows. Cutie!

  3. Found your blog via Don of all Trades. Love how thorough your little guy is. Think of the possibilities.

  4. Traci says:

    It’s rare to have so many action shots of a superhero at work. 🙂

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