The blockbuster novel sweeping the nation (but it won’t do the nation’s windows)

Okay, so the title might be a bit of hyperbole. I think that’s what marketing people do. I don’t have marketing people, so I have to exaggerate all by myself. But hey, have I told you about The Other Place, other than in two of my last three posts? That’s more marketing, as I understand it. Granted, my understanding of marketing may be flawed.

So, to go back to where I left off hitting you over the head with posts about my new novel, The Other Place, that I kept telling you was going to be out soon: it’s (drum roll) out now!

[Steamers, confetti, etc.] Use your imagination. My mind is knee deep in confetti right now.

I’ve put together this sell sheet, which I hope you find enticing. It’s the sort of thing marketing people would do for someone who has marketing people. I did it myself, right after I washed my own damned windows.

Here are purchase links for those now sufficiently enticed:



For all others, I will talk to my marketing people about what they can do to up the enticement level. We’ll see what they can come up with. Meanwhile, there are unpaid internship opportunities available in my marketing department for anyone who wants to help me spread the word (e.g. share a post, tell a friend, throw confetti at strangers).

Thank you from the bottom of my corporate empire (which is the level within my corporate empire where I work).


6 comments on “The blockbuster novel sweeping the nation (but it won’t do the nation’s windows)

  1. markbialczak says:

    My marketing people are very impressed with your marketing people, Scott. Yeah, from me to you, great job, buddy.

  2. Tom W says:

    Have your marketing people call my purchasing people, so they can run it up the flagpole and then have lunch on someone’s expense account.

  3. braelynn13 says:

    I am interested in more info. How can I contact you?

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