All this sentimental garbage

I was feeling pretty lousy on Tuesday, so I went home early from work. Mommy and Big Man were leaving to take Buster to preschool. I climbed right into bed, hoping to take advantage of a silent house to get some rest.

Tuesday is trash pickup day for us. A half hour later, I heard the garbage truck stop in front of our house with the associated noises of its hydraulic lift and our bin clattering around.

At the same time I heard Mommy and Big Man return home. Big Man was crying like the end of the world. His wails were so loud I feared he’d had some kind of run in with the garbage truck or its machinery. He’s just the type of kid to want to run and put his hands all over a big, dangerous truck.

I listened to Mommy’s footsteps on the kitchen floor below. There was nothing urgent about them, so I knew Big Man was not hurt. He was most likely crying because Mommy wouldn’t let him go play on the truck.

As she brought him into the house the mystery was solved. “They take our trash away every week,” Mommy consoled him. “Do you want them to just leave all that garbage here?”

Apparently, he did. He was sure he was going to miss that garbage.

Anyone know where I can set up a tax-deferred account for future hoarding therapy expenses?

"I'm sure there's something I can still use in there."

“I’m sure there’s something I can still use in there.”



15 comments on “All this sentimental garbage

  1. Gibber says:

    Well you never know. Someone’s trash is someone else’ treasure..

  2. I’ve heard this problem is happening in practically every city in America—except where there is a garbage strike. I for one am glad Big Man caught these garbage thieves in the act. This sort thing seems to be happening about once every week now, and still the media refuses to cover it as news. This kind of thing could lead to identity theft and dumpster-diving just to name just a couple of problems that can result from it. I only hope Big Man’s cries for help haven’t fallen on deaf ears and that we can prevent their next trashy criminal act from happening… MONTHLY GARBAGE BILLS! 😀

  3. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Oh too funny!!! Kids are just so cute and get the weirdest ideas! Missing garbage? Now that’s a new one on me but evidently not your son who thought about it. I hope you are feeling better, Scott. Echinacea, Vita C, lots of water and of course rest. Good luck with the bunch you have!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

  4. Ahdad says:

    Attached to trash…sounds like the name of a fanclub for lovers of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

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