The blog days of August

The blogging world slows down in the summer. Some bloggers take a vacation. Some try to rediscover the real world. I, on the other hand, have just been slacking. It’s not my fault though. I blame society, because society is convenient to blame for everything, with its constant breakdowns. But mostly I blame this intellectually stifling season called summer.

It’s harder to get motivated to write in summer.

First of all, it tends to get hot and it’s harder to think when you’re hot. My best ideas leak out through my sweat glands in summer. Then, all I’m left with are horrible images of an old man perspiring. When the humidity hits, I start thinking again. I start thinking about the mechanics of breathing. I start thinking about how sweating like a pig is supposed to cool a body down. Lying science!

I can't do my work.

I can’t do my work.

The boys want to be outside, running around like maniacs who laugh in the face of the heat index, instead of staying cooped up in the house where I can easily hear and see the funny things they say and do. They become totally selfish and don’t care at all about their responsibility to give me good blog material.

Since between one and two of the children are too young to be outside, running around like unsupervised maniacs, I find myself always outside running around like a supervising maniac, preventing kids from changing neighborhoods like the wind. I can’t type while jogging, let alone at a full sprint. We might be outside until dark, which is practically tomorrow in summer.

As Captain Oates famously said, "I am just going outside and may be some time." It should be noted that Capt. Oates was never seen again, and it wasn't even hot weather.

As Captain Oates famously said, “I am just going outside and may be some time.” It should be noted that Capt. Oates was never seen again, and it wasn’t even hot weather.

Then they want to stay up late, because, hey, there’s no school in the morning and it’s still kind of light outside. This leaves me hardly any time at all for a muse-provoking scotch on the rocks, because, hey, there is work in the morning and it’s going to take me two hours to fall asleep in this heat. Kids tend to supply zero writing prompts when they are standing between you and a quiet nightcap.

This makes me grumpy. When you are hot, sticky, and grumpy, it is the perfect time to write – if you are due to fire off another angry letter to the electric company. When you are grumpy, you tend to lash out at people, which is just what the utilities need and expect. Unfortunately, utilities probably make up a minority of your blog audience. So you should probably just go to bed and stew in your own juices until you fall asleep, as figuratively as you can manage.

All of this not thinking and not writing leads to large gaps between blog posts. This is not the end of the world because your audience is outside playing and getting heat stroke too.  The real problem comes when you get frustrated and give up on the thinking altogether because you figure you can still do the  writing without it. That only ever leads to a third-rate blog post.

And I hope you enjoyed it.


33 comments on “The blog days of August

  1. Third-rate is my favorite rate.

  2. Just Joan says:

    LOL! Third rate, my ass! This totally sums up why the blogging pipes get clogged in a heat wave. The best line? “So you should probably just go to bed and stew in your own juices until you fall asleep, as figuratively as you can manage.” 🙂

  3. Tom W says:

    I was downtown the other afternoon and all these 20 somethings were walking around looking down at their phones. They were completely oblivious to the heat and humidity (also, non climate issues like curbs and crosswalks). Maybe you should find out what they are doing and join them.

  4. Jay says:

    REal world? Why? Is something happening?

  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Ever hear the words air conditioning? I couldn’t survive in the heat without it, especially this summer that has sizzled so hot and dry I swear I am now living in a desert. Third rate post? NOT!! I absolutely know how you feel being a parent because I am one to fur kids (many!). There are times my chin is on my shoes as I see money flying out the windows for them and not investing in me as a photographer. As for running around in the heat outside I reserve that for my forest. Really enjoyed this post, Scott!! Hang in there!! ❤

    • We have central air, but it’s over 35 years old and doesn’t cool the upstairs very well. The boys have a window unit, but mom and dad tough it out. If we had a park area as nice as yours, I might not mind being dragged outside so much.

      • AmyRose🌹 says:

        Bummer. FAN. I have an overhead fan and have it running all the time. The upstairs is always warmer then the first floor. And about that park … I was there today and turned around early. I was melting it was so hot. No air at all. I saw some nuts running and thought no way I can barely walk much less run. It’s been like a desert here. In fact, I took a pic today as I stood in a dry creekbed that should have had about 3 feet of water in it. Never have I seen it like this. Ever.

  6. Angie Mc says:

    😂 and I get to use the excuse of “too hot” most of the year 🔥😅

  7. Gibber says:

    You’re off the hook. Humidity sucks. This blog post however does not.

  8. Ahdad says:

    Some members of your audience can’t wait to start sweating like pigs…just saying.

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