You’re wasting everybody’s time, Daddy

When you turn four, life picks up the pace on you. Suddenly, you have a preschool commitment. All the clothes you wore when you were three are now too small or too unfit for your level of sophistication. You’ve got to run around town to find the right blue jeans, a backpack, and even a lunch bag. You’re a busy man when you’re four.

That’s why it’s important to still make time to play. And when you do play, you can’t let grown-ups slow you down with a lot of red tape. You know what needs to get done, play-wise, and you can’t afford to suffer a bunch of time-wasting questions from adults.

I was playing trucks with my son the other day. He had a car transporter truck and a car that rides on it. I was in charge of the car while he drove the truck. He would unload the car for me, I would drive it around for bit, then he would come back with the truck to pick it up again. It was all a very smooth cycle until I started throwing monkey wrenches into the process.

One time, he backed up the truck and set down the ramp for me to drive up. “How do I know you’re the right truck?” I asked.

Toy truck with car on top

Foreground: my hand, holding the stack of paperwork the truck driver gave me to look through. Background: my expensive car, about to be taken away on what might be the wrong truck!

“Because I have a number one on the front,” replied.

“That’s fine, but do you have any paperwork I could look at?” I persisted.

He rolled his eyes at the delay, but took out his imaginary paperwork and handed it over.

I looked through the manifest. “It doesn’t say you’re the right truck anywhere in here,” I told him.

“Okay,” he sighed. “I’ll go ask my boss.” He drove the truck across the carpet to the area where his supposed boss hung out. I didn’t see any boss, but it was six feet away, and with my aging eyesight, I could have missed him. The boy backed the truck up to my car again. “Yup, my boss says I’m the right truck.”

“Okay, well, if your boss says so.” I drove up onto the truck with some reluctance.

boy with toy truck

Getting my car onto the truck, quickly, efficiently, and free of paperwork.

A minute later, the truck came back and dropped off my new car. I was delighted. I drove it around the floor with great excitement.

The truck traveled across the room and back again, backing up in the telltale way that indicated it was here to pick up my car again.

“Are you the right truck?” I asked the driver.

“Yes. And I don’t have any paperwork, so just get on!” he replied.

That’s the way business gets done.


4 comments on “You’re wasting everybody’s time, Daddy

  1. Tom Woolsey says:

    “And I don’t have any paperwork, so just get on!” I like his attitude, but I am sure his future bosses won’t. I know mind didn’t. I also know Dad would never try to buck the system at work. Oh wait……I can’t believe I just typed that!

  2. stacybuckeye says:

    Oh, Daddy, you are so silly. I’m impressed he came up with the paperwork 🙂

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