Conversations with my wife: Vitamins

Back when we were first preparing for stay-at-home orders, we, like many people, scrambled to make sure we had a good supply of the family’s prescription medications. On one of her trips to the pharmacy, my wife picked up a bottle of daily vitamins for each of us. I hadn’t been in the habit of taking general vitamin pills, but it wasn’t a bad idea to keep the levels up, with pathogens potentially lurking around every corner.

A contrast between the bottle of Women’s vitamins and the bottle of Men’s vitamins was immediately apparent. I thought perhaps her pills were larger than mine, because maybe the vitamins a man needs are smaller than the vitamins a woman needs. I don’t know how big an individual vitamin is. Or maybe she needs extra supplements to give her the strength to deal with me in isolation.

A vitamin gap?

These notions were dispelled when I read the labels side by side. Her bottle had 200 daily doses, while my bottle held only 120.

I found interesting the theory that I would not need to be kept in optimal health for as long as she would.

ME: Your vitamin bottle is bigger than mine.

WIFE: So it is.

ME: Yours has 80 more pills in it that mine does.

WIFE: Yeah, I know.

ME: Why did you get me fewer pills?

WIFE: Women live longer than men. You don’t like it when I waste money on things we might not need.



23 comments on “Conversations with my wife: Vitamins

  1. churchmousie says:

    Has she gotten new life insurance policies lately? Chuckle.

  2. Just Joan says:

    Buy an extra bottle for yourself and you will have 40 more than she has. Or buy 5 bottles for you and 3 bottles for her; then it will come out even and you’ll have enough to last until the pandemic is over. You’re both a little too young to “stop buying green bananas.” 🙂

  3. CrankyPants says:

    Burn! lol

  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    The banter between you and your wife and how you wrote this, Scott, has me roaring still as I write this comment to you. I had to wipe my eyes at one point. Good to see you getting your sense of humor back! It’s SO good to laugh!!! xoxoxo

  5. Susan says:

    😂 so glad you’re finding time to write again!

  6. Nilesh Kumar says:

    Great comeback !!

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