When not driving the family taxi, I write books sometimes

There was a time when I used to post twice a week. That might not seem too ambitious to those who post every day, but it was a quick turnaround in my blogging world. Then, I scaled back to once a week, then once a month. Now, I post when I can get to it and I have something to say I haven’t already said before.

When I started blogging, I had one kid, a toddler. Now that kid can dunk a basketball, and his two brothers aren’t far behind. I spend a lot of my time in the car, going in circles. I do lots of little circles, from school to home to a different school, to a practice field, back to the first school, back home, to a third school, back to the practice field, to a gym, to a different practice field, back to one of the schools (I hope it’s the right one, because I can’t remember which kid I’m picking up), back to the gym, and back home—and then probably out to get pizza because nobody had time to make or eat anything. After that, I try to figure out which kid is missing and where I should have picked him up.

For better or worse (I can’t decide which), I still have my day job.

Another thing I’ve been doing since before I began blogging is writing other things. Some of those things come to something, and some don’t. And some are still in flux. A piece of writing making its way out of flux and into something is this:

Everyone who buys the book gets a back cover too! It’s a special service I provide to my readers.

If all goes to plan, this book will be out next month, which for those of you reading this old post years into the future, is May, 2023. In anticipation of that sublime but unspecific date, here is a marketing blurb. In my world of hungry boys, this would be a snack to hold you over until dinnertime.

Emma and her parents share recurring dreams, in which they are a different family, living 100 years ago in an unfamiliar place, and heading toward tragedy. When Emma’s parents discover their dream family actually existed, it becomes clear that these visits to the past are more than mere dreams—they are playing an unseen role in this historical family’s lives. As the century-old history of this troubled family materializes, it reveals the truth that the impending tragedy spells doom for both families. Only five-year-old Emma has the power to avert disaster, but it will require extraordinary courage against overwhelming evil for Emma to save both families from destruction in The Other Place.

I’ll come back with more between now and publication, but if you get tired of waiting, you could always check out my other books by clicking the “This guy should write a book” tab at the top of the page.

Meanwhile, I’ve still got lots of work to do, and lots of kids to drive around town, so wish me luck.


9 comments on “When not driving the family taxi, I write books sometimes

  1. Just Joan says:

    So you have three full time jobs, then? Writing, raising 3 boys, and being an Uber driver? Interesting premise for a book, Snoozin. The fate of two families resting on a 5-year-old? Yikes!

    • Yeah, I could probably Uber anybody who needed to go to a school or an athletic field. And if you’d seen the things I have in the school car line, you’d never trust a 5-year-old (or their parents) with anything.

  2. tom W says:

    I am in need of someone to drive me around. I’ve got a brand new car I haven’t driven in 7 months. No Urber in theses parts. While you are waiting for me at doctors offices, you will even have time to write another book. I do tip well. Good Luck with the book, I enjoyed reading an early draft.

  3. churchmousie says:

    This book sounds intriguing! Your daily life sounds exhausting, though. Whew!

  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Scott, SO good to connect with you. I had to laugh when you were talking about blogging. Oh I know the feeling well …. life is so full and besides I would rather be in life than on a computer. I am looking forward to your new book. I know I have your first book somewhere around here …. don’t ask cuz things are a bit unorganized compliments of my pack rat husband. Take good care of you too!!

    • Amy, we’ve both been blogging long enough to know difficult it can be to keep up a regular schedule. You’ve done a pretty good job of it though, and of keeping up a good readership. You deserve credit for that! And I kind of also know how it is to live with a pack rat (although I’d never call her a rat to her face). Keep well, my friend.

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