El Nino goes on Spring Break

El Nino, that little dude who hangs out in the Pacific Ocean and messes with North America’s winter weather, has been doing a fine job of delivering us a mild winter with an unusual lack of snowstorms. We had one good storm in November, but since then I doubt we’ve had a single snowfall of more than four inches.

Then, just when we think we’re going to scoot right into spring unscathed, this happens.

These branches are supposed to go upward rather than sideways like this.

These branches are supposed to go upward rather than sideways like this.

As a cross-country skiing enthusiast, I don’t mind a little snow, if it’s a nice, powdery, slick kind that’s easy to shovel and fun to ski on. This storm was none of that.

Another tree shrub tackled by heavy snow.

Another tree shrub tackled by heavy snow.

This was a heavy, wet snow – the snow that makes one want spring. For those who live in warm places, like California or South Africa, where winter means brings a light jacket, it may be news to you that all snow is not created equal.

Heavy snow falls when the temperature is near the freezing point. It takes twice as long to shovel your driveway, but in my area that’s no big deal because it takes most of the day for a snowplow to come through. Snowplows are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they clear the streets so you have a chance to drive out of your neighborhood. But you can’t do that until you shovel again to clear the snow bank the snowplow has created at the end of your driveway. Snowplow banks are the hardest snow of all to shovel.

There's some shrubbery under there somewhere.

There’s some shrubbery under there somewhere.

I haven’t skied all year, and this storm will do nothing to change that. This sticky snow is good for building snowmen and making snowballs, but not for gliding over. What’s more, it will be melted by the weekend because that’s what happens to snow when the days get noticeably longer.

But it did close the schools, so at least the teachers are probably enjoying it.

Well, it is kind of pretty.

Well, it is kind of pretty.




32 comments on “El Nino goes on Spring Break

  1. Snowbanks at the end of the driveway. That would make you hate exercise. Very tough to shovel.

  2. Does not compute… as I sit here in my condo, in shorts and bare feet because our condo is 81 degrees! (ugh)

    When I worked for The Home Depot, Western Store Support- I assisted the area building services managers. They had a territory of stores to ensure parking lot striping was fresh, pavement slurry, HVAC units repaired/replaced, fix design flaws/issues by our construction, etc.

    Part of this, I would hear from our guy that had CO, New Mexico, etc. The store managers IMMEDIATELY wanted the parking lots cleared. So, he’d have a service / vendor we put in the budget to take care of that. They would come out and nicely tuck snow into corners and such – out of the way to allow customer’s to park. Then, the city snow plows would come by on the street, and tons of snow would end up back in our parking lot, as if the other thing never happened. The store managers would call up the area building manager and COMPLAIN like he didn’t do his job or our vendor failed. It happened every snow fall! “We can’t control the city workers.”

  3. Dean B says:

    Wow. In our part of the world it’s been really sunny and it looks like spring is just about to come… Fingers crossed. As for that snow, wow, just wow. Send some over our way, T will be so happy!

  4. We just got some snow yesterday as well, but not as much as you. The kids actually had a snow day, but it was the worst. We had the wet stuff, like you, but because there wasn’t all that much, they couldn’t really do anything with it. And most of it was all melted by the afternoon, since it was halfway to being water anyway. The plus side…I didn’t have to shovel. The sun took care of it for me.

  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Fantastic shots, Scott! Gorgeous!

  6. Cookie says:

    Awww…that’s not so bad. We get that here like once a week some winters, lol.

  7. Gibber says:

    That’s a typical winter for us way up here in Northern Alberta. This winter we’ve had very little snow. It’s been great. We’re even lucky because when the snow plow, plows it also cleans up the mess at the end of our driveways so we don’t have too. I hope you at least get to build a snowman or two and throw some snowballs at your kids. lol

  8. GoofyEd says:

    Indeed it has been an “easy” winter for some, but not very satisfying for winter “activests” like you.

  9. Ahdad says:

    WOW!!!!! This South African’s jaw just made a dent in the table. Awesome.
    But don’t mind me, I just got out of the pool…

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