Conversations with my wife: Prison

SETTING: We were watching a reality show about how people cope with their first week in prison. One of the subjects commented that he had been wearing the same clothes for a week.

WIFE: Oh my God! I can’t go to prison if they make you wear the same clothes for a week.

ME: Were you planning on going to prison?

WIFE: Only if you forget how to treat me right.

ME: Look at the bright side: you could learn how to make shivs and shanks.

WIFE: (scoffing) I already know how to make them. You file down your toothbrush. Anyway, if you were in prison, could you wear the same clothes for a week?

Prison Tip #1: When not being used to stab rivals, shivs and shanks are handy for darning socks. (Image via Wikipedia.)

ME: If I’m in prison, I think changing my clothes is the least of my concerns.

WIFE: You think that means they won’t let you take two showers a day?

ME: Probably not. And I wouldn’t want to take two showers a day in prison.

WIFE: Oh no! I would need my two showers a day.

ME: Maybe dirt is part of the punishment.

WIFE: I am not a good candidate for prison.

ME: Don’t let ‘em take you alive.

WIFE: I’m gonna have to do a really, really good job of hiding your body.

Incarceration: A fashionable alternative to the burdens of personal hygiene.


10 comments on “Conversations with my wife: Prison

  1. Oh thank you, Scott! I really needed a good laugh today. :o)

  2. If she goes the corporate criminal route, she may be able to get the Martha Stewart treatment. But it means she can’t kill you.

  3. I hadn’t thought of using the shiv as a knitting or darning tool. Now I’m a little less afraid of prison, I think…

  4. stacybuckeye says:

    You seem to be taking your upcoming demise with good humor.

  5. Haha!! I love that her first fear of prison was regarding the lack of clothing options!

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