An old dog’s new trick: asking for help

I’m not good at asking for help. I’m much more comfortable helping than being helped. I don’t know why; it’s probably some kind of pride thing. Or stubbornness. Who knows?

This self-publishing biz has taught me there are some things you can’t do alone. Writing is a fine thing to do alone, but writing sometimes leads to publishing, and publishing beats the hell out of introverts.

You don’t have to ask for help if you can afford to pay for it, but I can’t do that either. Take that, foolish pride!

I’ve had to learn to ask. I’m still learning. It’s a long lesson.

So this is me, practicing asking for help.

If you’ve been following this or my other blog, you may know I’ve been preparing a new book for publication. It’s taken a long time, but I’m finally on the cusp of having the project pulled together. My wife is planning a small release party for me on June 25. (This happens to be the anniversary date of Custer’s Last Stand, but I was never into omens, and it was a pretty good day for Crazy Horse.)

Over the past couple years, I’ve asked and received valuable help from beta readers, editors, and a talented artist named Jessica O’Brien who provided the amazing cover art.

Jessica's wonderful cover art.

Jessica’s wonderful cover art.

Now, I need more help, lots more. Perhaps even your help, if you are willing.

Besides visitors to my blogs, and a sprinkling of people on Facebook, few others know about this book. Once the book is released, this has to change. I need people to help spread the word. So, to any who are willing, I humbly ask that you use whatever social media you are comfortable with to help. Whether it be a link on a blog, a Facebook post, a Tweet, whatever you’d like to do will help.

I will announce the official release. (You bet I will!) I will then welcome your assistance. You don’t even have to tell me how you’re helping spread the word, although it would allow me to thank you if you did.

Helping does not mean you have to buy or read the book. I’m just looking to let people know the book exists so they can make their own decisions about their interest in it. If you want to read the book and share your impressions of it, that would be fantastic, but just pointing a few people toward the book to see for themselves is also very helpful. Whatever you are willing and able to do is appreciated. And if you’d rather just wish me luck, I’ll take that too.

Some info about the book.

Title: A Housefly in Autumn

Genre: Is Young Adultish a genre? I’ve tried to write a story that would appeal to Young Adults as well as General Fiction readers. In doing so, I have incurred the risk of missing both audiences, but what is life without risk? (Just ask Custer.)

Blurb: A Housefly in Autumn is intended for Young Adults and up. A historical novel, set in 19th century Europe, it follows the life of a young man whose dreams have crumbled down around him. In an act of heroism, he sacrifices his own promising future to save the life of another. Now he must decide whether to cling to the unlikely hope of regaining his old life, or aim his efforts toward making the most of the life fate has dealt him. Though it is difficult to let go of the rewards that life once promised, perhaps the greatest rewards are the ones earned by building new hope from the bits and pieces of wrecked dreams.

More description can be found here. I will post purchase links when they are available.

A big Thank You in advance to all willing to help.




32 comments on “An old dog’s new trick: asking for help

  1. Reblogged this on Flip Flops Everyday and commented:
    Those of you that have been frequenting my blog posts this past month that Flops has existed… you have seen posts on how I hate those that are just constantly marketing themselves/their product- wanting me to support them by purchasing/passing the word (for free) and I’m not their friend, nor do I even know them.

    Don’t get me wrong…It’s not that I don’t like supporting, but my blog purpose is to make friends. If I’ve developed a rapport with you, and then find out you are trying to sell particular service/product- and not constantly shoving it down my throat…the time you ask for help- YOU BET… because I know a little bit about you and you invested time in getting to know me (frequenting each other’s blogs and commenting) It’s sincere.

    This is one of those times. If you haven’t visited Snoozing on the Sofa, do so. I enjoy Scott’s posts and today- he put word out and a request for help. He lit the beacon. HELP… did you say HELP my blogging friend… where’s my CAPE….Sandi is coming, once I figure out how to fly and use my super powers… it might be a bit…but I’ll walk if I have ta

    Scott is publishing a book. He’s our blogging buddy. He had someone do some REALLY COOL art for the cover. (Seriously, Scott, I like it.) So, if you feel inclined… maybe not today, but after you get to know Scott, perhaps you might want to help spread the word, as well.

    Scott, let us know when it’s available to purchase and where. You said it’s for young adults on up… and if I’m still working (been temping 2.5 years), and receiving a pay check, I’ll buy copy. 🙂

  2. A.PROMPTreply says:

    I’ll definitely do some promoting when the time comes…sounds like a most interesting read too!

  3. Gibber says:

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Noblog blog? If you like to do a post about your book on there it will spread well. If you’re interested let me know and we can chat further. 🙂

  4. Scott I hope this helps. I believe this is the site that could be of assistance that Gibber mentioned.

  5. pieterk515 says:

    I’ll do what I can… I’ll even read it! Actually I can’t wait.

  6. Angie Mc says:

    I’ll be glad to help, Scott! Good for you 😀

    • Thanks, Angie. I’ll be announcing the release within a few weeks.

      • Angie Mc says:

        Happy for you, Scott. I, too, was not a natural at asking for help. I’m much better at it now. A few years back I raced my daughter to 10,000 twitter followers. I’m glad to put them to good use for friends now!

        • Did you win the race? 10,000! That’s like Oprah numbers.

          • Angie Mc says:

            I did, lol! I’ve been involved with social media since yucky myspace appeared, skipped Facebook, moderated a message board, then found Twitter. I call Twitter my new era social media. I learned a lot there a few years ago about the shape of things to come. The whole time my peers were scratching their heads but my family loved it. Once I figured out that there were perks to 10,000 followers, I was all in, figuring the sheer numbers could do me and others good. And they have! Now, even WordPress counts my Twitter followers as followers here 😀 And you never know where a tweet will go. It can fall into the hands of someone who wants to buy a book, for example 😀

  7. Jay says:

    Good for you.

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