Only the one-zillionth blog about parenting; maybe someday the idea will catch on

Q: Why do we need yet another blog about parenting?

A: We don’t. But when has not needing something ever stopped us from having it?

There are a lot of blogs in the world. Many of them are parenting blogs. I haven’t done a scientific survey or anything, but it seems to me that the bulk of the parenting blogs are written by, and for, mothers. This blog is written by a father. It may not be read by fathers, because we all know that fathers would much rather take a sharp stick in the eye than bother reading a few words about parenting. Nevertheless, I’m using the fatherhood angle as my justification for adding more noise to the clogged up Internet.

This blog is not so much meant to inform, unless you are seeking advice on how not to parent. From time to time, it might entertain, but I wouldn’t even count on that. It’s main goal, to the extent that it has a goal, is to reassure parents of both sexes that no matter how many mistakes they have made raising their children, it could be worse.

For women, this blog just might reassure them that the father of their child is not the worst parent ever to walk the earth. All fathers let their kids go outside without their mittens. It’s what we do. We waited through millions of years of evolution for somebody to invent mittens, just so we could leave junior’s in the closet. And every time the kids come back inside without having suffered any long-term damage from frostbite, we are just that much more encouraged to send them out without mittens next time. The second-rate parent in your family is just one of millions of second-rate parents whose children will make it to adulthood in spite of him. Take heart.

For men, this blog might give them confidence that no matter what they’ve heard around the house, they are probably not the worst parent in the world. Fellow fathers, we are all brothers in our lax and lazy parenting. Buck up, my friend. Deep down, you know that even though the shirt you dressed your toddler in doesn’t match his socks, he will make it through the day. Our job is not fashion; our job is to meet the basic needs of the children until they turn 18. If they are looking stylish when they are old enough to be turned out of the house, good for them, but that’s not our concern.

Whether you are a mother, a father, or neither, please don’t attempt to learn anything from this blog. I don’t need that kind of pressure. Be entertained, if you can be; be reassured if you need to be; but please do not try any of the parenting stunts you see here at home. Nothing good can come of it.


2 comments on “Only the one-zillionth blog about parenting; maybe someday the idea will catch on

  1. Scott,

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! My experience as a long-time mother tells me that this blog is going to be wonderful for those young mothers that want to know what the heck is going through all those young father’s minds. You may even be responsible for a few less fights, I mean discussions, when a young mother reads about the thought process of the young father.

    You are brilliant!


  2. Scott Nagele says:


    I’m not sure how much of a process a father’s thoughts go through, but it’s a nice sentiment to believe that they can be understood.

    The brilliant compliment is probably a bit of an overstatement, but I’ll take it.

    Thanks for the comment.

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